Home again

Flew back to Pittsburgh last night. Robin in doing very well. I’m having minor troubles getting organized. I’ll write again soon and tell you about our last day in NY, being patted down, twice, all of the places I stayed and a few more things.

4 thoughts on “Home again

  1. Few of those security things make any sense, do they? I’d say maybe you’re all too attractive, but then I’ve had my fair share of those pat downs too. When I was going through chemo and all the invasive body inspections I remember thinking that half of the hospital staff would be able to recognize me were I to walk through the city streets naked–even if my head were covered with a brown paper bag. 😳 Ah well, we just have to hope we’ve given them the thrill of their life. Their jobs must be so boring otherwise. Glad Robin’s doing well; I was sure she would!

  2. I go through airport security with no metal on at all, wearing just socks, pull-on slacks and a tee shirt. This last Christmas, flying to NYC, I went through the big scanner and was deemed suspicious and in need of a pat down. The culprits were the two tiny squares on my bra straps! Another terrorist thwarted!

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