Today I am a nomad

Robin seems to be recovering nicely. She will have another doctor’s visit this afternoon. Renee returned from Florida yesterday and I had to move. This time I’m staying in Rose’s apartment (she just went to Florida) and it’s closer. I’m getting a little disoriented about where I am and what day it is, but it’s fun seeing all the different apartments. This one is also an art deco building with doorman. When I arrived on Monday to see Rose and pick up the key I found out the doorman was able to open the elevator door and push the button for the correct floor from his vantage point at the door. I don’t know what would happen if I pushed another button. All this is a bit spooky, but it does remove the need for an elevator man.

The apartment is lovely: very comfortable and completely modernized, like something built in 1995 (not later because there are no computer controlled things). I’m impressed with the electricity; lots of outlets and many switches that turn on wall outlets allowing for easy control of lamps. You can tell something about my priorities. Kitchen is also beautiful. That used to be one of my priorities; since I no longer cook I don’t think about it very much.

I will probably be moving one more time before we return to Pittsburgh, so you will get to hear about one more apartment.

2 thoughts on “Today I am a nomad

  1. I’m very happy about Robin’s progress. Your nomadic ways remind me of a friend of mine years ago in NYC who had no apartment, but housesat for people who went away for blocks of time. He always had apartments to sit, and would invite guests to small parties themed to the apartment he was living in at the time (most, quite glorious). So, he had a summer cocktail party on a penthouse terrace overlooking Manhattan, high tea in a traditional Park Avenue space in front of a roaring fire in the dining room, a Pisces pool party under the stars in February snows on the top floor of a posh modern apartment building, etc.,etc.

    If you are doing any of that, call me.

  2. I can see you’ve been on a roller coaster of emotions. Glad to begin at the last post here, to see and enjoy the new place with you, plus Robin seems to be in a better position now than a few days back (it’s weird reading backward like this–don’t know what’s wrong with me losing track of computers and blogs for a week at a time!)…I know you’re happier being there than back home to worry alone. Keep your chin up. I’m still crossing my fingers and toes for all of you!

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