I went to a real (printing) paper distributor, bought a good card stock and made another book. I made the sides out of single sheets and only laminated the seven bridge sheets. It's much better–not perfect by any means, but much better. Now I'm back to work on the Japanese garden book.

We've had wonderful weather the last few weeks so I've spent a lot of time walking. I like it much better than the health club. I don't know which is better exercise.

I looked at two apartments that just came on the market. One of them has wonderful space but I really can't afford it. So, we'll just forget it. The other would be OK. I'm not in love with it and I really don't want to buy anything for another month or two, so we'll just wait and see what happens.

At the beginning of the month, when the weather became so nice, I met up with another Pittsburgh blogger and we went walking in Frick Park. Nice walk, and I really prefer having company when I walk there, but going alone allows me to take pictures and spend more time just looking.

Here are a few pictures from my second walk in Frick Park.





The tree below is on the next block when I walk to Frick Park. I don't know anything about it, not even its species or why it grew these great bumps/burls. I'm just pleased no one has cut it down.



  1. Harvey Yeldell · November 18, 2011

    There are no people in your photos, Madam. Did you do that on purpose? Also, I can’t help but wonder what that tree is in the last photo. It looks a unique and weird.

  2. Alice · October 21, 2011

    That tree made me think a little grotesque bear had crawled up inside and sort of partially melted into the trunk. Neat.

  3. Nanette Davis · October 20, 2011

    Your pictures are amazing. Beautiful. the tree with the big knots on it is really cool.

  4. Mage Bailey · October 18, 2011

    I like the sound of the new paper. I hope we get to see photos of the finished book. Yes, walking outside is the best of all.

  5. The Subversive Librarian · October 17, 2011

    I love the bumpy tree. I’ve always loved your photography, Ruthe.

  6. RAJA · October 17, 2011

    Changes of scenery outside is a big plus.
    And fresh air burns off calories.
    Bet you didn’t know that!

  7. Karen · October 17, 2011

    I think walking outside is better than a health club, personally. Maybe it releases more endorphins or something to be in nature?

  8. conservatories uk · October 17, 2011

    Great pictures. That fungi growing under the tree trunk is nice. Good thing you caught that.

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