Maybe I am moving, maybe not

I made an offer on one of those apartments in the building I didn't want to buy into, having found out they might accept me in spite of my lack of four times income. I haven't signed a new lease on this apartment, and the contract needs some renegotiation before I will sign it. I am getting ready to move out at the end of this month if necessary. My workroom, the second bedroom, has the most stuff in it and is the most chaotic. This is where I am working and suddenly I realized I am relinguishing parts of my life. You know, throwing out the souvenirs: class notes, web design information (I did that for a while), font samples from my printing business, Excel text books (tried to become an expert a user) technical writing manuals, even some I wrote myself, like going from QuarkXpress to Adobe Indesign, and some magazines with beautiful pictures and papers. A few books of paper samples still on the shelf really should go. I'm gearing up to it. I haven't looked at any of this stuff in the six years I've been in Pittsburgh. I don't suppose I'll miss it. Three of five shelves in one bookcase are now empty.

The new apartment, assuming I get it, needs the carpeting removed, wood flooring installed (I have area rugs) and complete redecorating. All of this will have to be done before I move in. I would also like to put in a shower instead of the tub, but that can be done after, there being two bathrooms. 

I don't know what this will do to my New York trip. With any luck I should be able to go, I hope. Sale of the new apartment wouldn't close until the end of August, at least, so it's just a matter of what I do with my current arrangements.

2 thoughts on “Maybe I am moving, maybe not

  1. It’s so good to know that somethings moving. So sorry it’s taken so very long to solidify. Yes also, it’s so hard to get rid of books and things you have created. Bravo.

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