A moving week

With the date for my exit from my apartment rapidly approaching I'm feeling increasing pressure to find another place to live. I've spent most of the last week looking at apartments, without finding anything that makes me happy. My requirements are, first, size. I want two bedrooms. Second, location: I want some place interesting to walk to or about. Of course, affordability is very important, but there seem to be lots of places I could afford, or almost afford. Third is resale potential. This might not be the last place I will live.

I found a great condo I can almost afford in a building I don't want to live in. Location is OK, but not the greatest. I will have to get a mortgage, which I'm not sure I want to do.

A co-op building near Pitt and CMU has a number of empty apartments, several of which I like. The location would be great and the apartments are cheap reasonably priced. I kept wondering why they were so hard to move and finally got an answer. Co-op rules require you to pay cash for the asking price, have an additional $100,000 in the bank and have an income four times the monthly maintenance, about $4000/month. I can't meet the income requirement, and I suspect few people who might want one of those apartments have that kind of income. 

I think a case could be made about discrimination against elders, however I think the rule was made to keep parents from buying their student children an apartment, another kind of discrimination.

I owned a co-op apartment in New Jersey and swore I would never do it again. This brings it all back to me. Too bad; one of those apartments would be ideal.

So I'm still looking. I won't be homeless: worst case, I put my stuff in storage and move in with Robin and Steve until I find something.

7 thoughts on “A moving week

  1. I hope you can find a better house. Try searching on the net or get an agent to help you find a new apartment. You can still find a perfect retreat spot where you can spend the rest of your life. Don’t give up.

  2. I hope you find something great. It’s kind of exciting to start in a new place. By the way, just read a Stewart O’Nan novel set in Pittsburgh, “Emily Alone.”

  3. What kind of area is Shadyside now? It has or had interesting shops and restaurants, and small college nearby. It may be completely taboo now. Gosh it’s been ages, things are probably way different now. Anyhow, good look. Good thing you have backup even if it does present its own challenges.

  4. now is the time to seriously consider moving to Georgetown–inexpensive living, a nearby college and University that offers free classes, an art community welcoming you, beautiful scenery, a days drive to many major cities. And frickles.
    And once your family visits, they too will be looking to move here.

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