More from Chicago

Sunday and Monday were family days. My family grows smaller each year, and sometimes that's hard to watch. Mostly it was fun to see everyone.

Tuesday I had an early blood test downtown (this can be done anywhere), then spent most of the remainder of the morning wandering around the Cultural Center. This is my favorite place in the city. The building is fabulous with Tiffany domes and amazing glass mosaics. They usually have excellent art exhibits, performances, a good cafe, a special gallery for seniors with computer access and more art exhibits, usually by seniors, but with no sacrifice in quality. I met B at a blues performance by the Mississippi Heat. It would have been wonderful if they had skipped the microphones, but I had to leave in the middle because the sound was so loud. I rmoved my hearing aids, but this time it didn't help.

Here are two large banners from the performance space:



After lunch we went over to the Art Institute to look at Japanese art. I'm sure you knew I would do that. Tuesday evening I had dinner with Eli, Charna and Adele, who has become a new member of the family. We ate at a Vietnamese place, then walked around until it was time to move the car. Parking regulations are a real pain here: Ordinary street spaces cost $1.50/hour and there are many arcane rules about loading zones, no parking zones, etc.

Wednesday we spent the day at the Chicago History Museum, a rather nostalgic bit, but most of the exhibits are from before my time.


1 thought on “More from Chicago

  1. So how did B like the book? What a lovely and thoughtful gift. And too, despite the parking regulations, it sounds as if you are having a grand time. šŸ™‚

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