Facebook is using me

Last night I saw a link to something that's supposed to show you what you will look like in 20 years. Since I don't really expect to be around to see what I look like at 97 I tried it. Before I saw the picture they asked for too much information from me. I closed the screen and thought that was the end of it. Uh uh. The link was posted to all my friends on Facebook. I'm really pissed. There seems to be no easy way to reach the Facebook minders, so I'm telling everyone how annoyed I am.

4 thoughts on “Facebook is using me

  1. This kind of thing is what irks me about Facebook, too! So I try really hard not to click any links there anymore. I even bought a “Facebook for dummies” book to try and figure out what’s safe and what’s not,” but I need another manual to read to figure out that one. The only thing I really use FB for is to post my blog for a few family members who follow the India travelogue to find it easily. Why do they never set the default in such a way that you have to OPT IN (instead of OUT) in these cases?

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