Pittsburgh is Beautiful in Spring

Everywhere you look the trees are blooming and there are lots of spring flowers. Here is a tree bursting out from a tiny patch of dirt between two buildings on a street with blocks of nothing but buildings.

I took this on the way to the oral surgeon. I am better, but not good. This is my sixth day of the antibiotic. My past experience has always been that two days brought great improvement. I had only a little after three days. He thinks he should remove the implant and that will clear up the infection. Then we'll try again. I hate to do it, but I'll probably go along with that. Nasty, nasty.

For some time now, I have thought about making portraits of trees. Here is my first one: in my backyard, the shadow cast by the tree in the next yard.


8 thoughts on “Pittsburgh is Beautiful in Spring

  1. I find I can’t put note on Yum Yum Cafe’s blog without a struggle. What I’m doing is clicking on the individual entry. Then when I go to the bottom to leave a note, I make sure I can post a profile….it often says nothing and won’t open. Once it’s open, I can then leave a note.
    As you can see, I’m getting dogged about this. No answer from the help line yet.

  2. What a bugger! Hope things go better for you this time.
    I remember those lovely pink and snow white trees during Pittsburgh springs! And always enjoy yours.
    I found myself photographing lots of trees in India this year–nothing special–just limbs against blue skies, sometimes with birds perching in them. Could that have a direct influence of enjoying all your trees and gardens over the past few years?

  3. If nothing else, dear Ruthe, you can comment here under reply, and I can check back. 🙂
    So sorry that implant is coming out.
    I’m contracting Google, but it’s a convoluted mess.
    Even more difficult, have you tried Open Diary?
    It’s one of those hive sites. Your password is
    and the description of this is
    Very prosaic stuff, but if it works we have progress. 🙂

  4. hope you’ll soon be fine from all the invasive attacks on your body. Love the photos. kelly’s comment sounds like an easy $500 for you. Go for it!

  5. I can’t find an email address to contact you at so I’ll leave this message in the comment section.
    I wanted to let you know about the “It’s Never Too Late Writing Contest” that the Impowerage Magazine is sponsoring. We are looking for stories on how it’s never to late to try something, be active, or be an artist.
    The top prize is $500 and your story would be published in the Impowerage magazine. Please see the link below for more details

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