Robin’s Challah

One of the treats of my life is Robin's Challah every Friday night at Shabat dinner. I smell it when I come into the house, and it comes out of the oven just before we light candles and sit down to eat. It's amazing!

Last night she made a special challah, in honor of Purim this weekend, and I think in honor of being done with the surgery.

This challah is stuffed with onion and poppyseed. I behaved myself and only ate a couple of pieces, along with the rest of a very healthy, well-planned meal. But I think when I am 80 I will ask for a whole challah, just for me.

I wish I could give you a piece.

8 thoughts on “Robin’s Challah

  1. My friend Hariette used to make long braided challah every week to take with her to temple. When she died, I inhereted her challah pans. 🙂 I remember her bread and her every time I use the pans. 🙂

  2. Looks delicious. But what’s all this postponing until 80 to indulge?
    When you get there there may be no there there so live it up now and have wonderful memories.

  3. Challah is a ritual bread eaten on the sabbath (Friday night and Saturday). You can buy it in bakeries or the supermarket, but usually they arent very good–just white bread with an egg wash before baking to make the crust shiny, and some kind of seeds, usually poppy, on the egg wash. Robins challahs usually have whole wheat flour and often are moistened with a canned pumpkin sauce. This one was whole wheat only (along with white flour), the filling was ground poppy seeds and minced onion. She uses a bread machine to make the dough. I dont know anything more, and I dont make it.

  4. Can you tell me more about challah? I never heard of it.Is a bread? This one looked good. Do you knead it? This is very interesting to me, although I will probably never make one, but I like to collect recipes. Silly, I know.

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