Waiting for snow

Since last February's snow, which hung around in some places until May, we're all a little nervous here in Pittsburgh when snow is mentioned. The weatherman assured us we would have snow today, beginning at noon, but not more than 2-4 inches. I took the bus to my first class at 9:30, prepared to bail before the 2:30 class if the snow looked too bad. Well, it just started now, at 1, and the 2:30 was cancelled before the morning class finished. I'm happy to be home, snug, if not exactly warm. I have a space heater going right near me so it's not too bad, although thoughts of bed fill my brain. 

Yesterday, after finally getting out of bed, I went over to the fitness place and did my hour plus exercises, then ran a couple of errands and came home to find my street blocked by police cars, marked and otherwise, and handcuffed men being led to some of the cars. No way was I getting to my garage. I walked over to one of the men, told him I lived here and asked what was going on. Drug buy, now drug bust. I just walked past and went home. A little later I saw a woman walk down my driveway to the back yard, which is all fenced in with no exit. When I looked out the back she was standing and talking to four men, I assume police, but not in uniform.

Later, I heard from a neighbor that the perps (I do watch some TV, usually police procedurals) had run into the yard with the cops and a dog, chasing them. Maybe the other men were looking for the drugs, although the snow wasn't messed up enough to account for much activity. (How do you like my detective work?)

Anyhow, I'm not happy, especially since I am in the house alone most of the time. Robin pointed out that I chose to live in this neighborhood, but somehow I never thought of something like this. I just hope Earl gets a new tenant in here quickly.

It's 1:20–the snow is coming down quickly now.

6 thoughts on “Waiting for snow

  1. I’d be a bit nervous too. Are you in Shadyside? Hubby lived in a not-so-good neighborhood there, but he was friendly with the kids and perhaps as a consequence ? he was never fingered for any crime, though bueinesses around him were–corner store robbery, etc. Keep your door bolted. I’m off to India tomorrow (I’m presently in NY) and will check back when we return in Februay. Keep safe.

  2. So nice to see that picture of you with your students. It’s a shame he made only one friend here in the US tho. Any news on a new tenant yet? I’ve been enjoying your more frequent posts. You just stay warm.

  3. Some day I should write about the years we lived in the War Zone. All those dirty, long haired drug dealers turned out to be dirty, long haired cops in disguise. Made me laugh.

  4. Yes, time for a hot dinner in a warm bed with lap tray. I will be there shortly for NCIS is coming up after dinner. Look at it this way, that was an excellent time to take pictures. I hope you did. LOL

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