Phipps Conservatory

Phipps is one of my favorite places in Pittsburgh, second only to the tunnel under the convention center. They are open until 10 at night every night this month (Christmas excepted, I think). Last night Robin, Steve, Charna and I went to see what it looked like. We were charmed. I took a few pictures, but I want to return, alone for better picture taking, at dusk. I'd like a little outside light with all the other lights.

Some of the areas were a little spooky. There weren't many other people and it was very quiet. Here is a staghorn fern. (I think it would benefit from a little adjusting in Photoshop. Maybe tomorrow.)

This huge tree is amazingly beautiful. My photo doesn't do it justice.


Most of the rooms had holiday displays; this one is entirely devoted to the holiday.

With just a little Pittsburgh kitsch. That's a melting snowman in front of the plastic flamingos.

You can take an online tour of Phipps here, and read about their trip to India to prepare for the next tropical forest exhibit. 

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