Kentucky 3

I did more in two days in sleepy, old Kentucky than I do in a week in Pittsburgh. Raja's a great guide, and of course, it's mostly new to me. Thursday afternoon, after walking around downtown Georgetown and being introduced to one person after another, we went to a couple of art shows, then went up on her roof, had a wonderful gazpacho and strawberry rhubarb bread for dinner, then drank beer, and listened to music from the town square. Raja's roof is the only place in this dry county, you can sit outside, drink and  listen to the music. Perfect after my long drive.

Dark area in the foreground is the deck with lots of flowers and bird feeders. We sat on the adjoining roof, which was in the shade while we listened to the music and talked.

Friday we went to an interesting photography show, then drove around Frankfort, the capital of Kentucky and a charming town, and finished with a veggie sandwich at Wallace Station. (3 cheeses, lettuce, tomato, toasted almonds, sprouts, bourbon mustard on whole grain bread.)

Here are some of the horses in this community that is normally (and always) horse crazy.

'Nuff yet?

All of the galleries had food and wine; I probably ate too much, and I got very tired of looking at horses.

Bet you thought this was another horse.

Haven't figured out what he was doing there. He looks permanent.

Saturday, we went to breakfast at the famous Fava's, wolfing down omelets, biscuits, home fries and frickles.

Let my mouth not forget you, Fava's famous deep fried dill pickles.


No lunch that day. In the afternoon we went to the Horse Park to the Gift from the Desert show, about the Arabian Horse. After dinner out, five of us went back to Raja's for more art conversation. (See Kentucky 1 and see Raja's blog for one more development in the flag business.)


A little more of Fava's.

And a little bit of Raja's place. 

1 thought on “Kentucky 3

  1. I am just flat out charmed. Here last year we had cows. There are still a few around. It really sounds like you had a ball. So sorry there wasn’t a train to take you there instead of the long drive.

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