More food and more Gigapans

The African food class went to Kenya this week with a beautiful chef, Lydiah Wanyoike, who does catering and hopes to open her own restaurant here in Pittsburgh.


Lydiah made tilapia with rice, coconut beans and steamed cabbage for us.


We had a brief discussion about other foods from Kenya and admired Lydiah's dress, also from Kenya. I'll probably never cook any of this, but I enjoy watching the demonstrations and, of course, eating the food.

Friday afternoon, the Gigapan group, which I wrote about here, went up to the top of the U.S. Steel building, the tallest manmade structure in Pittsburgh, and shot some test Gigapans in preparation for the big one on September 23. I just went along for fun. It was awesome being 64 floors above the city. The roof is an acre in area with a thick, chest high railing all along the periphery. I never felt any fear or insecurity; just had to watch where I walked because of some things projecting from the surface and lots of cables running across the expanse. Here is the group rushing to the edge, then a few of my shots looking down.

The white structure is the David Lawrence Convention Center, my favorite place, because of the tunnel that runs underneath.

Two of the three rivers: the Allegheny flowing into the Ohio on the left.


Looking East, away from downtown with the Cathedral of Learning at Pitt rising above everything else.

PPG. I particularly like the way the other roofs are reflected. I'll have more about the Gigapan as I work on it.


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