A little more country and the big city

For more pictures and stories about our “art camp” in Door County, see Jan’s blog and Sandy’s blog. Anita has a brand new blog where you can see her work. 

Sandy sent this wonderful thank you note: Special thanks to Anita for all her hospitality and the use of her home and studio.  Special thanks to Kathy for her hospitality.  I'm sorry you weren't up to all we did, but it was good being with you.  Because of you we know about such glorious places as the Garden Gate and got to dine on such good asparagus.

Special thanks to Ruthe for all her help putting the blog together…..and especially this year adding Picasa to my computer.  What a blessing that was in doing this blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And thanks to Ruthe also for all her excellent instruction on the books, and for the "Paper in Three Dimensions" book.  Thanks to Jan, our worthy Best of Show, all the blood, sweat and talent who kept everyone laughing.I'm a richer woman for the experience of last week.  Loving you all, Sandy

At breakfast with Eli this morning I said I would not want to move back here. Walking downtown afterwards I could feel the power and energy of the city and realized I still loved it. The sun was shining; lots of people on the streets; the city looked wonderful. Once I knew every building, every alcove and alley. Now there are many surprises. Walking toward the Daley Center I stopped to take a picture. Someone came over to me and said the Stanley Cup was there. I could stand in line to have my picture taken with it, or just take a picture of it. It’s there, somewhere, behind the Picasso sculpture.



Walking near the Chicago River and the Opera House.  

Wabash Avenue with Chicago's Trump Tower in the distance. 

My destination was the Cultural Center, one of my favorite places. I saw an exhibit of jewelry made with handmade paper by Arte Papel Oaxaca. Unfortunately there was no catalog, they wouldn’t let me take photos and there is only this one article I could find on the web. I’d love to show you more, or better, I‘d like to go and be part of the collective.

An exhibit about Louis Sullivan, the architect, was also very interesting; lots of photos and information. 

A newly created space within the Center is Project Onward, a studio and gallery for artists with mental and developmental disabilities. There was a lot of good work and a lot going on within the studio. I was much impressed. 

3 thoughts on “A little more country and the big city

  1. Finally saw the Louis Sullivan exhibit at the Cultural Center – thought it was outstanding. Also saw the AI photos of his work, but had seen most of them before. Made me wish I could have seen the Garrick Theatre before it was torn down. Sigh.

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