I promised pictures

I've taken more than 300 pictures with my new camera, the Canon S90. Don't worry, you'll never have to look at all 300. Here are a few that will also give you some clues about what I've been doing the last two weeks (good things, that is).

These are just to show how beautiful Pittsburgh is in spring. The flowering trees are just amazing.

I think this is azalea, but I'm not good about plant names; just good at appreciating.

This one was in the orchid room at the Phipps. The long, snaky thing just enchants me. Maybe some day I'll make a pattern from it.

Taken through glass inside the convention center. I was very pleased with the result.

I still don't know how to use all the features of the camera, but it does very well for itself on AUTO.

This one I shot on manual (you can tell I don't understand it. Shot another on aperture preferred and got this result with both sky and cars as I wanted them. Don't ask me what I did.

Above and below were shot at the old Pittsburgh Brewery where there was a show called Art All Night.


Went to the National Aviary for Breakfast with Birds sponsored by the fitness part of my Medicare Advantage plan. They want us to love them. Above was color-corrected in Photoshop; too blue originally.

If I had a nest like this, I might just live in a tree. It's very small, about the size of the photo you are looking at.


The next two are from my walk in Frick Park. It was a hard winter; you can see where the tree fell; but spring is now well entrenched.


This is a print out of the Gigapan I spent so much time color correcting. I'm told this is only 3% of it's size: at 100% it would be 44 feet high.


3 thoughts on “I promised pictures

  1. Oh Lovely. And can you imagine how old that split leaf philodendron must be to have a main stalk like that? I really like the quality of the shots. The detail is there if you want it, or not. If you want the cars a little brighter, you can Lightening them in Photoshop by dodging. You know all the tricks. šŸ™‚ That Gigapan image just knocks me over. I remember my first husband and Baldasari trying to get film emulsion to stick to large canvasses. Now look at what you can do. Bravo!!!!!

  2. Ruthe, these look great. Wish I had anything approaching that azalea in my yard. Looks like the camera performed well and is a keeper. I look forward to more shots from your spring walks.

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