Classes and programs

Except for one next Monday, most of my Osher classes have finished, leaving me with an empty calendar. After my haircut this morning I went to Club One to the tai chi class that I haven't appeared for at least a year. Most of the faces were new; I don't know what happened to the old guard. Class was very slow, everything done slowly in one place not moving feet and not my idea of a good thing. After the hour class I spent some time on a bike then off to Trader Joe's, in the next building, for calories to make up for the calories I expended. Actually, I wish it worked that way. I'm sure I bought many more calories than I worked off.

After I finished my taxes Sunday I tried to go back to work on my garden book. My layout program, Adobe Indesign insisted I needed a serial number. It hasn't asked for that since I first installed it. Also found that Illustrator wouldn't open (same number), but Photoshop seemed OK. After a tedious online chat that would have gone a lot faster if the guy on the other end had bothered to read my first chat message, I was told to call for help.

The phone call didn't go a lot better. The recorded voice said there would be a long wait and if I wanted, they would call me back within 19 to 28 minutes. I thought that was nice and waited, meanwhile doing some online research. I found an Adobe document about uninstalling the programs and went to work. About an hour and a half later they called back, only to put me on hold. By this time I had finished the uninstall. I waited until they cut me off, I suppose accidentally, and then reinstalled the programs. They are all working fine today; so much for customer service. I just wish I knew why this happened.

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