Today I am Wonder Woman

Grace, no wonder I loved you from the first moment I saw you. No one else is perceptive enough to understand that I am Wonder Woman. It's nice that someone finally figured it out. From the time I first found the WW comic books I wanted to be Wonder Woman. I wanted to look like her and have her powers. I'm sorry to say the only thing we had in common was dark hair, now that's gone also. I hope you had a good nap.

I often feel like lying around and reading all day (mystery stories); occasionally I do it. But I have this feeling I have a choice about how I grow old. For me, reading all day, getting a cat, stopping my tutoring or not going to classes would be actively embracing old age. I'm not ready yet. The cat has nothing to do with getting old, but I'd have to find someone to take care of it when I travel. Stopping traveling has a little to do with getting old and a lot to do with the difficulty of getting on an airplane. Enough deep thinking. Thanks for your comment.

2 thoughts on “Today I am Wonder Woman

  1. Ruthe–You not only had the hair of Wonder Woman, you also had the boobs.
    I wanted to be the Dragon Lady–it only required a cape and a cold, haughty stare.
    I did manage the cape, which got me no where.

  2. Yes, giving up things is not an option here either. Nor is getting another cat….achoo. Adding things is an option. We added morning water aerobics in our outside pool. I feel like mighty mouse some mornings.
    I can so easily see you as Wonder Woman….even on planes or climbing up and down stairs. I cheer you on through it all.

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