Snapshots and stitches

Before I fell asleep last night I thought of something I wanted to post. This morning it's gone. It's a lot easier to write when I have done something out of the ordinary. Somehow, telling you about the snow, or keeping my humidifiers filled (I like a little moisture in the air), or going to the fitness center doesn't do it for me.

I am also trying to do alterations on some of my favorite larger jackets. One, I bought on sale at Nordstrom's, I wore constantly. It's still in good condition, but now much too large–it was always a little large. I've taken out the sleeves and the shoulder pads. Next comes figuring out how and where to remove extra fabric. The jacket is lined, making it all more complicated.

One of my neighbors is involved with the Gigapan project. He wants to do a massive Gigapan from the top of the former U.S. Steel building, the tallest building in downtown Pittsburgh. We spent much of yesterday matching up the four Gigapans he (and his group from CMU) shot. This is just practice. The sun was low and there are long shadows that obscure some of the detail. He wants to go back and do it again. It took a lot of Photoshop(ping) and I became reacquainted with some of the tools I hadn't used lately. Another volunteer gig where I learned as much as I gave. Now I have to go back and apply some of this to my still not satisfactory photo collage.

3 thoughts on “Snapshots and stitches

  1. Yes, Alice. It was a great piece of clothing at a great price. I couldnt leave it sitting there in Nordstroms. I never took it in before–only shortened the sleeves, but now its becoma a disaster. I have narrow shoulders, short arms and a big butt. Always makes for a difficult fit.

  2. I wonder why that jacket was too large. If you were like me you’d buy a great piece of clothing even if it was too big if the sale was great enough . . . it can be taken in (but never was) or I like my blouses to fit big. As for writing with purpose or theme, I’ve finally decided to write whatever I want whether anyone else likes it or not. I find I’m getting better at organizing and presenting my thoughts as I’ve written more or less regular posts. I’m convinced it’s keeping my mind more agile . . . use it or lose it. My recent office cleanup has given me lots of things I want to write about too, as I argue to myself why I did that or wrote that or think like that? I’ll probably write some of that because I keep learning about myself. I hope that doesn’t sound too egocentric, but there you are. Maybe I am.

  3. Yes, I too want to write entries with some form of content other than aches, pains, and volunteering. I read May Sarton’s At Seventy and can’t get too far each time I pick it up….endlessness is not something I want. I’ve started two major projects, inspired by you, I’m cutting back on my blog readings, and perhaps more time will allow me more creativity. We will see.

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