Holiday week

Renee came from New York today and will spend the week with me. I am delighted to have her here, but if I manage to post every day this week, I should get an extra gold star. We had a good time shopping at IKEA then going out for dinner. Even though I seldom cook for myself I don't often go out to eat. I don't like going to dinner alone and rarely have anyone to go with.

We went to a new place called Plum in East Liberty. It's supposed to be pan Asian cooking. We had great hot and sour soup, shrimp and scallops with lemon grass, baby bok choy and perfectly cooked snow peas, and an Indonesian style dish: Mee Goreng. I'm really pleased to have this place nearby. Now I have to find other people to go with me.

2 thoughts on “Holiday week

  1. How nice you have her here for the holiday too.
    I don’t know what I would do if I were alone again. I’d probably eat fast food out for every meal. Did you try the meatballs at IKEA? That’s a good quick meal at a great price.

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