I almost turned off the computer without posting. I guess it wouldn't be a tragedy, but I'll try to hang in there.

No classes today. I took a two mile walk. It was beautiful when I began then the sky slowly began to cloud over and it got cooler. I wasn't properly dressed, having decided I'd be warm enough without a coat. When the bus conveniently arrived I got on, cutting a mile off my walk.

I've gone through about six chapters in My Stroke of Inspiration. I can't say I love it; I'm not sure why it was recommended, but it has an excellent description of a stroke. Since this is what my doctors are always warning me about–high cholesterol and afib–and since I frequently don't understand what constitutes a medical emergency, it's good to read about this in detail. After I fell a couple of months ago I realized it had never occurred to me to use my cell phone and get help. It didn't matter, since help came my way fairly quickly, but I feel remiss that I never gave that phone a thought. I'll write more about this book when I finish reading it. I feel like there are important lessons to be learned from it.

1 thought on “Musings

  1. Yeah, sometimes you have to go see the doctor even if you think you are fine. If I could solve all my physical problems by email or phone, you bet I would.
    So yes, the cell phone is a good idea for emergencies like falls. 🙂

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