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Robin and I went shopping for new phones today. We would both like an iPhone, but we don't want to go on the AT&T network. So we went to look at the Droid. Maybe tomorrow I'll go back and look at the iPhone. I'd really like to talk myself out of the whole thing. I'm trying to figure out if I really need it, or just need a new phone (I don't want to buy a new battery for the old one), or maybe I want another netbook and never mind the iPhone.

So what do I want to do with the phone, besides making phone calls:
1. access the internet just to read things.
2. post to the blog from the phone. I often think of things I'd like to write when I am out, but how much would I write with that tiny keyboard?
3. take pictures with the phone and post them directly. I have this fantasy about sneaking those shots I don't take now. Probably won't do it, or not very much.
4. GPS or map directions–very handy.

Anyone out there have any good reasons for why I should or should not spend all this money? Help would be appreciated.

3 thoughts on “New phones

  1. As my mother’s daughter, much of the power of the iPhone is lost on me. However, I’m a huge fan of:
    1) its camera. I use it all the time on my walks, and have even embarked on a small photography project as a result.
    2) being able to read off the internet. I don’t do huge amounts, but it’s great to be able to check in with the NYT site, for example.
    3) the iPod. Haven’t listened to mobile music since the days of the Sony Walkman. It’s fun to have music while traveling again.
    4) the odd game or two. I’m learning chess, and Kathryn introduced me to a Scrabble-like game.

  2. Well, Ruthe, you probably know from reading my blog that I love my iPhone. Not sure whether it will answer all your needs, listed above.
    1. I use mine to read off the internet a lot, but the print is a bit small and after a good 20 minutes (or an hour!) reading off the screen, I wonder about the strain on my eyes. It can take some getting used to to navigate around but once you get the hang of it, it’s quite slick. It’s also amazingly, incredibly convenient. Having this mini computer with me allows me to keep up to date on my internet reading in a way I never could before. It’s truly so convenient, in so many ways.
    2. Post to the blog from the phone: I use TypePad also and so far, I haven’t found a method to post either text or photos to the blog that I’m really in love with. Using their iPhone web page is a chore; even if using the phone screen keyboard wasn’t enough of a turn off (fine for short messages, but not long posts) the TP interface is lousy. Using the TP iPhone app is okay for posting the occasional photo, but not ideal. I’ll do it when I really want to post immediately to the blog, but they crop the photos into a square and they don’t center them, which drives me crazy. Plus, the categories don’t work, a known bug, so I always have to go back and fix them at home on my laptop, after the fact.
    I thought I’d found a quick and easy solution–emailing entries to the blog–but in a test I did just last night, the photos post HUGE and look really odd on my blog.
    Posting to Flickr, on the other hand, is a breeze and I really like the way they’ve set up not only posting photos, but the viewing of my contacts photo streams. And, they don’t make you crop photos. This is my favorite way to post photos immediately.
    If, however, you want to post a quick thought to your Facebook account, the iPhone is very convenient for that. Perhaps, with TypePad’s new “Quick Compose”, they’ll incorporate this into their App or iPhone web version, making it easier to post directly to the blog.
    3. Taking pictures, no matter what, is great fun with the iPhone. It may not have the most megapixels of any phone cam out there, but I think it’s a great implementation and the photos look wonderful. Plus, you can do video. So handy to have this ability right in your pocket.
    4. GPS/map feature: very very convenient. Google something and you’ve got the map. Use the compass feature and it will show you where you are and how to get where you want to go, point by point. Very simple to use and extremely convenient.
    The biggest drawback to the iPhone (other than the AT&T service, which isn’t as horrible as I’d heard, but also not very good either) is the battery life. When I give my phone a good workout all day, I’m usually down to 5% by the end of the day. It all depends on how much you use the screen, which sucks most of the power.
    If you can wait til next year (??) rumor has it that AT&T will lose their exclusivity with iPhone. Also, Apple is rumored to be finally releasing their iTablet which might be more what you’re looking for (though not a phone, certainly not as convenient to carry around, and most probably expensive.)
    All in all, I highly recommend the iPhone. It’s an amazing piece of technology and the Apps (mazillions to choose from) are useful, convenient and fun.
    Sorry for the long-winded answer. Hope this helps.

  3. Hey, I haul a big camera around with me, and I forget to use it. You might use the phone as a camera more often. You might enjoy the GPS too.
    I can offer no reason for ME to have all those goodies. I need to draw more. 🙂 I use a paper map and love the feel of the pages in my hands, but I might like to email myself any brilliant blog ideas that might suddenly appear.
    Right now, I never turn mine on, and I used only seven dollars last year in charges. Yes, year. LOL I like that. And it is there if I need it.

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