A long walk

Another amazing, beautiful, November day. It's hard to believe this weather. I went for another long walk with my Russian ESL student–talking and exercise at the same time. We walked around Homewood Cemetery, checking out names on the mausoleums and on some of the tombstones. Did you know that at one time you could order your mausoleum from a catalog? The model with the Greek columns on the front seems to have been very popular. I usually walk there with my neighbors, who know all the paths and how to find the hole in the fence. Without Mary and Phyllis I got lost and we walked a lot further than I wanted. I'm slightly in pain, but I think a good night's sleep will take care of it.

2 thoughts on “A long walk

  1. I also enjoy walking in cemeteries, especially those with mausoleums. You can see a lot of little stories there if you like to do things like that. Thing I don’t understand is why some people avoid or are afraid of cemeteries.

  2. What a wonderfully imaginative walk. Here, I wouldn’t do that as our cemetery is in the worst part of town. I love it. Did the sleep work?

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