Inspired by my weight loss I've not only bought new things, I've been going through closets, drawers and boxes to find things I outgrew and stashed away. To my dismay I found a number of never worn garments–2 suits (pants from one still missing), one jacket, one pair slacks. All of these things needed alterations–inevitably sleeves and pant length. I finished one suit, am working on the extra slacks and still looking for that pair of pants. (The jacket has huge shoulder pads and will need extensive reworking so I'm not too anxious to find the pants.) (How old is that?)

I don't like most of this stuff, probably why it never got fixed and worn. I think I bought it because it fit around the waist and not much did. These were desperation purchases. So how come I seem to be able to buy stuff now? I take it clothing manufacturers have become more realistic and are making things that fit real people. Nice that I've lived long enough to see it.

3 thoughts on “Clothing

  1. Alas, I’m also guilty of buying things because they fit at the waist…at the expense of too big in the thighs I’m afraid. I don’t do that so much anymore and I don’t buy anything unless there’s really a need for it. Otherwise I’m quite comfortable in slacks and shirts.

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