Healthcare revisited

I'm back in Pittsburgh and will tell more about Door County soon. First, my promise to respond to all of you who commented on my previous healthcare post.

"Both parties understand that the current system is broken," House
Speaker Nancy Pelosi told reporters Monday. "But what we can't seem to
agree upon is how to best keep it broken, while still ensuring that no
elected official takes any political risk whatsoever. It’s a very
complicated issue."

This quote from The Onion, a humor newspaper available online and in print, sums it up for me. I don't know if I'm more disgusted with Congress or with my fellow Americans.

I just read through all the comments I received and found no one optimistic enough to contradict The Onion. Stacie presented another point of view, which I appreciate.

story is with my grandmother. She had a bilateral stroke when she was
72 years old. The only thing she could move were her eyes. She could
blink. The Doctor would not put a feeding tube in after a week, saying
she would not last another 24 hours. My father and I asked her if she
was ready to die, 1 blink Yes, 2 blinks No. She very clearly blinked
twice, and we fired her Doctor and got a feeding tube put in. After
some rehab, she lived another 8 years, very fulfilled and able to
eventually feed herself. She spent most of her days reading books, and
being doted upon by her family. The Doctor gave up on her too early. He
never thought to ask her what she wanted. Had we left it up to him, she
would have died of starvation. My gut tells me he I do n't think there
is a one size fits all solution to our health care crisis. How does one
know when to "pull the plug" so to speak? I believe the answer is with
each individual, each family. Good discussion to have, non the
less…our culture needs to come to terms with the fact that we all die.

 I certainly agree with her conclusions: we must have these conversations. And, by the way, a living will and healthcare power of attorney can say you want everything possible done to keep you alive. It is a way of making your wishes known if you cannot express them yourself.

Cynthia Friedlob of The Thoughtful Consumer gave some links for contacting your Senator and Representative to give them your opinion:
The House:

The Senate:
Thank you, Cynthia

Thanks to Mage, Darlene, Lilalia, Miss Dazey, Alice and Alexandra for your support. I really appreciate it. Let's just hope that another quote from The Onion, attributed to Harry Reid, doesn't come true.

"No matter what we come up with," Reid continued, "rest assured that
millions of citizens will remain dangerously uninsured, and the
inflated health care industry will continue to bankrupt the country for

2 thoughts on “Healthcare revisited

  1. I fear not only that’s exactly what will happen, but it’ll then be blamed on Obama. The problem is, the Republicans and the blue-dog Democrats are going to use the health care issue to insure that the other party takes over in 3 years! Oh the pity of it all!!!!

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