Book update

I've been spending a lot of time working on the Japan book. I want to get it finished before I go to Chicago next month so I can take it with me to show at Art Camp 2. I'm up to December 5 on the computer part–only ten more days to go. The cover art is the real chore.

When I returned from New York I made another photo transfer, since I wasn't satisfied with the first one. The second one was worse, as were the third and fourth. I gave up and went back to the one I thought was just for practice. It has a burn mark just above the tree and some bits of the photo missing from the lower edge. I think I've figured out how to deal with it, but I can't really try my fix until I take the photo off the embroidery hoop. You can see a little of what I'm doing–the picture isn't very good.
I plan to do only the tree: the leaves are French knots and the trunk is a sort of outline stitch.

I've been working on it during a class I'm taking on stitching. One of the other women in the class is married to a book binder. When I mentioned that I planned to glue this to the book board she said something about the glue staining it. I hadn't really given that much thought, until she said it. Serendipity again.

The canvas bag I glued for the China book was no problem because the canvas was so heavy. But the bag lining that I used on the inside of the covers is a light cotton and the glue stained it. This could be a problem with the obi silk; it's heavier than the cotton lining but not as heavy as the canvas. I found this article on the internet and will do something similar.

2 thoughts on “Book update

  1. Oh, this is coming along delightfully. I haven’t even started my Alaska book yet. There always seems to be another project just in front of it.

  2. Welcome back to your blog. Look forward to seeing both books in WI. Art camp–hmmm–does that mean we get s’mores?

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