The ultimate bitch


I found this on a street in NYC, of course. I've been feeling very bitchy–lots to complain about–this expresses it perfectly. My last night in New York really set me up. Renee went to sleep about 10:30, still jet-lagged, and never heard a thing. I got in bed about 11 listening to sirens. New York is always noisy; twenty eight floors up we still hear everything from the street. The sirens and flashing lights continued to such an extent I began to think of 9/11 and finally got out of bed to look. I saw nothing out of the ordinary except for a helicopter hovering overhead, making the flashing light. I tried to turn on the TV, but Verizon has been at work in Renee's apartment and, somehow, I didn't press the secret button combination. Left in the dark, I didn't fall asleep until the copter finally went away, about 1:30.

I'm usually a good sleeper. My last 22 years in Chicago and the subsequent 8 years in New Jersey were spent very near or, in Jersey, next to highways. None of this ever bothered me. It took a helicopter to get me really worked up.

What was it all about? You can read about it here. It involved three police officers, a woman and a pit bull. The helicopter, no doubt, was one of the media outlets. Did they really have to remain there for an hour and a half? There ought to be a law about using those things in heavily populated areas. It was much too close to my building for comfort.

My next post will be about brown water in Pittsburgh. I'm just waiting to see if the water department answers my complaint about that one.

3 thoughts on “The ultimate bitch

  1. Thanks for the great compliments. Nothing is new except for the picture, taken by a friend at a party. It’s one of the few I’ve ever liked. I always preferred being the photographer so I wouldn’t have my picture taken.
    The old picture was actually professionally done–very corporate. It was the best of a bad lot.

  2. Who is that stunning new woman in the photograph. New glasses, new earrings, new dress……new person who is stunning. You knock me over.
    Now that I’ve said all that, I should go see what the fuss is all about in NY. Yes, I hear choppers clearly here too. Usually at night something awful has happened at the beach. During the day they tell you all about the lost kids and lost bank robbers. Once a month or so I am levitated up by the chopper that flies feet off my roof checking the electrical lines. Life is not boring in this modern world of ours.

  3. Great new photo of you! Love it. You look much younger, more lively, more…., just everything “more” and better all around!

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