Head, heart, art and earrings

There were no bids on the pictures. I would have been very surprised if they had sold. Several people asked how I found out about it. I don't spend my time looking at eBay. In fact, that was probably only the second or third time I have ever gone there. What I have working for me is Google Alerts. Some time ago there was a piece on NPR about the internet being used to slander or malign people. Their expert suggested setting up a Google Alert with your own name. Being the daughter of someone who was extremely paranoid this sounded good to me. Google alerted me to the pictures for sale.

Stacie of Nomadic Creations is living here in Pittsburgh for five weeks. We met on Sunday and it was really fun. I had to cut the visit short because I had another commitment, but I felt like we could go on talking for a long time. We never had a chance to talk about her jewelry or the wonderful earrings she gave me. And we did not get to walk in Frick Park. Come back Stacie.

The heart monitor continues to irritate me. I just spoke to the dr's office and they will get back to me. Maybe I can quit. At least I now know the dr has been getting reports.

I've been watching the HBO series on Alzheimer's Disease. You can see it on the computer, thank you HBO. It's very depressing. I can't help but wonder if I'm headed there. Robin assured me not, but I still worry about it. My mother may have had it; she was never really diagnosed. The doctor guessed it was small strokes, but who knows. She was always a little vague, and I have to admit I can't remember when I understood she was no longer with us, before she didn't recognize me, or only then. She told my father he was the man who took care of her, but he was not her Morrie. That really hurt him. Ironically, as we all suffered with her loss of memory she became a happier woman. 

2 thoughts on “Head, heart, art and earrings

  1. We had a lovely time too…just wish we could have arrived on time. I am ready to get together any time…I have to find some gemstones to make rings with either tomorrow or Friday…all of a sudden I have more work then I know what to do with! My grandmother had dementia…but it was literally due to her being chronically dehydrated. I talked to my mother-in-law(traveling nurse) and she told me that most elders’ health problems (including dementia issues) are linked to decreased liguid intake…something so simple can help with joints hurting, memory fog, all sorts of things. Take care, and I hope that heart monitor comes off soon.

  2. Yes, she probably did have something like that. If Robin is keeping an eye on you, I wouldn’t worry. My mother grew very vague….fuzzy, but she had renal failure for many years and that seems to have been the key. Hugs at ya…….and didn’t you make a bid on them? šŸ™‚

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