For sale on eBay

Five of my old photographs, from 1975, are for sale on eBay. I don't remember who bought them from me (or who I gave them to). Not surprising, they have lost value: I sold them for $25 each, unframed and that's probably what they will go for now, if they sell at all. They are photos taken on or around the elevated and subway trains in Chicago.

I worked briefly, for a city planner with offices next to the elevated tracks. During my lunch hours I walked around and photographed under the tracks going around the downtown area of the city. After they fired me laid me off, I continued my city walks and systematically rode each of the trains, photographing old stations and city views from the trains. Eventually, I had a show of 65 of the photos at the Chicago Cultural Center, one of the highlights of my career as a photographer.

I'm tempted to buy the photos myself; I have almost nothing left from the show. I'm fairly certain these were not prints that were in the show, but some extras I sold at art fairs. It doesn't sound like they are in good condition. 

4 thoughts on “For sale on eBay

  1. Today–e-bay
    Next year–Sotherbys
    Word is out that you have a heart monitor and you’ve scared the hell out of collectors!

  2. I was wondering how you found it myself. If you buy it back at the lowest bid, you’ll still have made $25 in the deal, if you don’t consider inflation, and your prints back to boot. I don’t know how ebay works. Can you actually bid less than the lowest? I imagine not. Still, it’ll be interesting to find what comes of this. Maybe the owner will sell them for lots of money and you’ll feel alternately mad and glad, depending how you want to think about it.

  3. hullo
    the link to the auction is way broken.
    that is a pretty good find though – how did you run across it?

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