No news on the health front

That hard won medication seems to be working well. I won't get back to the cardiologist until July, but I'm comfortable, happily taking those long walks and trying to do other healthful things. The root canal problems awaits a consultation with an endodontist. My dentist described too many scenarios so I want another opinion. Next week I go to my primary care doc, who will probably want to put me on Lipitor, or some such. I've been resisting this for years. We'll see…

I'm about to get ready for another long walk. I have more to write so I promise to come back here this afternoon after my driving refresher course.

3 thoughts on “No news on the health front

  1. Sometimes the generics just don’t do, for whatever the reason. I’ve been taking simvastatins (sp?) for years and they help apparently. My problem is a genetic one and without them my combined colesterol is over 600. So I thought they were lessor of evils. I hope they do as well for you.

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