Sunday walk

Sunshine of the early morning rapidly moved into the gray tunnel of Pittsburgh’s usual sky. The sun lured me out of the house; walking was easier under the gray sky and I went to Phipps for the last day of the spring flower show. Pittsburgh is beautiful at this time of year. Trees are in bloom; tulips and daffodils bring blazing color to the pink and white of magnolias, Bradford pears, weeping cherries and flowering crab apples.

I don't know if this is supposed to be sculpture or a child's installation, but it really caught my fancy.

Some of the landscaping here makes wonderful use of the hillsides the houses are built on. I so much prefer this to grass. And it's very Japanese.

I was happy to sit down to lunch when I got to Phipps, resting up to be able to walk around the conservatory. It was pretty crowded but big enough that I was able to enjoy walking around.


Some of the spring flowers.


The Red Hat Society was also visiting. I love the purple boots.


This is a huge fern. The fronds uncurl just like the smaller ones.


This is a cycad, and it's huge. Supposedly something like that is inside the wrappings in this picture I took in the botanic garden in Kyoto, but I have some trouble imagining it.

Botanical garden 12-13-2008 11-59-23 PM

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