Home again

Driving back to Pittsburgh after a
lovely week in New York. Renee gave Steve a birthday party, taking
all of us to see Guys and Dolls. It was a great treat. I enjoy being
with Charna at a performance; she always get so involved. She performed in the
play several years ago and remembered all of the lines. I find that I enjoy these revivals of old
musicals much more than the new ones. I loved South Pacific when we
saw it last year. Guys and Dolls is right up there. In a real way
these are our operas. I don't see why they don't bring back all of
those old musicals. We need a New York Musicalia along with the
Metropolitan Opera and New York City Opera.

Pennsylvania is a very large state.
Sometimes it feels like we're driving forever. It's sunny today with
a very cold wind, bitter when we got out of the car in Allentown. Trees are just
beginning to get buds, but the grass is green. There were forsythia
and magnolia blossoms in NJ but I haven't seen any here.

We made the trip in record time–not much traffic today. I'm back home with laundry to do and mail to sort.

3 thoughts on “Home again

  1. Oh, that sounds like fun. I have several of the old musicals I’d love to see again. The Princess and the Pea. What fun. Musicals, what fun. Welcome home. 🙂

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