I was really looking forward to my class on Fabric Collage at the Center for the Arts, in spite of having to drive out to Monroeville to Joann's to get some of the required supplies. I don't like going to Monroeville, which seems to be a collection of shopping malls, because I'm never sure where anything is. I looked up the Joann store online: the map showed the store straddling the highway, leaving me no wiser as to where it was. They gave an address, of course, but have you ever found any numbers on mall stores? After cursing a lot I finally found the store and bought my two items. Last night I got a call that the class was canceled. I was tempted to wait until today and obviously should have. Sometimes procrastination pays.

I've been taking a class on growing plants indoors, sponsored by the Phipps Botanical Garden. I'm really enjoying it. We were given an orchid as part of our instruction; mine is doing fabulously. All of the buds have opened and it looks wonderful. I'm being very careful about watering it and making sure it has high humidity. I don't know what will happen to it the next time I go away.

My other two plants only need water every 10 days to two weeks. That's always been one of my requirements for plants, the other being low light. Only my first house, many, many years ago, had good light for growing plants. I hated the house and nothing grew there. Maybe my feelings were spilling over and poisoning them.

I'm only taking one Osher class this term: tai chi, but I've been going to all the special, one-time lectures. Next term I will take a class called, How Numbers Work. I think it's geared for math phobes like me.

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