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We have had quite a bit of snow (and rain) the last few days and I've taken the opportunity to mostly stay in and work on the China book. I now have 85 pages going through October 26, including pictures, emails and chats if they were not about my firewall troubles. I've started another file with information about the places I visited that I've copied straight off the internet. There are about 12 pages in that file. This book could have 250 pages. I have even more pictures from Japan. I don't want to think about that yet. I'm using Adobe InDesign to lay out the book and Photoshop to resize the photos. While I was in China I used Picasa on my toy computer, which had a Linux operating system. Now they are on my Mac and I am using iPhoto to manage them.

I have also started to think about the cover. I never found any fabrics in China and I really regret that, although I have some things I bought in 1982 when i visited the first time. I'm just not sure I want to cut them up. I bought two obis and a beautiful old kimono in Japan. I suppose it won't matter if I use some of that fabric. Or, I may have something else stashed away.

Congratulations to my friends in Chicago on your new governor. How did Blago ever get elected twice anyhow? I remember him from when I was still living in Chicago. I suppose I would have voted Socialist Labor again. I kinda remember the choices weren't great.

5 thoughts on “Book details

  1. Your bookmaking techniques boggle my mind. Although it’s a relief not knowing how to make all those systems work, I’m reduced to making Valentines from paste and scraps of paper.

  2. Buh bye Blago! It was a long time coming and couldn’t happen fast enough! And now, we can get down to the business of dealing with a practically bankrupt state–and I don’t mean just morally. 🙂

  3. I am so glad he is gone.
    Fabrics…….from the internet?
    Are you in your own home again, I forgot to ask.
    The book sounds luscious. I need to get that program for my travel books. You are giving me great ideas for layout and contents.

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