More Door County

I began writing on my new toy computer even though I couldn't connect it to the internet. Here is some of what I wrote:

September 17

I am a mass of thoughts and impressions
as I wake this morning and don't know how to put them all down. This
is so strange to me. This house reminds me of Kentuck Knob, one of
the Frank Lloyd Wright houses near Pittsburgh. It has that kind of
show house/museum quality. There is even a table and lamp in my room
that look like FLW. I think my apartment could fit in here 10 times
with space left over. The custom made dining room table comfortably
seats 16 and you could probably squeeze in 20. We had an elegant steak dinner last night. I don't
remember when I last had filet mignon. And there's more beef on the
way. My mostly vegetarian family would be appalled. Here is the sun rising over Lake Michigan.

Library - 6035
Not much art today. Lots of ideas; we took a trip
to an antique store for books to alter; had lunch at Door County Coffee
and Tea for Pilgrim sandwiches, hashbrown bake, triple layer brownie
and tea; wound up at Kathy's studio, a wonderful log cabin and
separate studio and garage in the woods. Back at Anita's we looked at
some of the idea books we brought and decided we were too tired to
work tonight. Tomorrow we'll begin.

After dinner, reminiscing,
and trying to remember names, (raja says we have problems with nouns
that won't remain in our heads), I brought up someone I had worked
with who left the area and went to Arizona with her husband and
kids, they ultimately returned and she remained with another woman.
Sandy was remarkably compassionate saying how awful it must be to
hide your own needs for so long then finally come out of the closet.
I hadn't thought about it quite that way, preferring to believe one
could be first one thing then another. Now that doesn't make sense to
me. Sandy was right and I was impressed with her compassion. Here is Lake Michigan from the porch.

Library - 5946 And Lake Michigan while walking on the beach.

Library - 6045

I've begun posting on my other blog. If you want to know what I did today, go to Japan and China on My Mind.

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