The adventure begins

That's what Sonsee said yesterday as I left my apartment. My tenants are installed and I have moved to Robin and Steve's guest room. I was so wiped out yesterday afternoon I slept for at least two hours; not like me at all. I guess I've been under more of a strain than I thought. I've started to rearrange the stuff I brought with me. I was amazed to find I actually seemed to have packed the correct amount of underwear. After I showered this morning I had a moment of panic until I found everything.

My granddog, Darcy, has taken me over. She slept with me all night, fortunately quietly, and hasn't let me out of her sight. She knows it's unusual that I stay here, but I'm not sure what she's thinking. Of course, we are all going away tomorrow and she'll be left with a dog sitter, so I guess that will reinforce her anxieties.

Tomorrow morning we are all driving to Philadelphia, or actually King of Prussia. The kids are going to the Philadelphia Folk Festival and I'll be taking a bus into Philly to spend the day at the art museum and perhaps take a small break for a real Philadelphia Cheese Steak.

On Monday we continue on to New York. I'll stay with Renee for ten days; the kids will do other things. My first task will be a visit to the Chinese consulate to get my visa. I still have to arrange a hotel room in Shanghai and a flight from Shanghai to Xian, but I have some good referrals. I can't believe this has all come to pass.

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