Revisiting Pittsburgh sights

I’ve been playing tourguide to a friend from New York, who has been with me for the last few days. We began on Friday with a trip on the busway and got off at Penn Station. I love the building, particularly the rotunda. Library - 5624

We peered through the doors at the beautiful waiting room, then got very lucky. The doorman let us go in and look at the waiting room from the doorway. I was in it once before; I took a special Landmarks and History tour sponsored by my alumni association. Weddings are held there now. Maybe someday I’ll get invited to one.

We walked over to the convention center and walked along the water feature down to the Allegheny. Library - 5074

At noon we joined a Landmarks and History tour of the cultural district along Penn and Liberty Avenues. Hot, tired, we took the “T” across the Mon and went to lunch at Grand Concourse. I love the room, the lunch was good, the service was almost unbearably slow. We were there two hours. It’s no wonder they are almost always empty.

Back across the Mon we walked over to the Allegheny County Court House, a marvelous building by H. H. Richardson. My friend was impressed with Pittsburgh and I love visiting all those places. We were wiped out by the time we got back to the apartment.

After a short rest we went to a program presented by the kids in Charna’s Governor’s School. Those kids a really something, very impressive.

While I was at the keratoconus meeting, Phyllis went to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History and looked at the gems and minerals, a wonderful display, and fossils. Then we went to the Duquesne incline, took lots of photos and rode down and back up again. Library - 5627

This is the incline car just beginning to emerge. Library - 5632

Finding my way down Mt. Washington without getting lost made me feel really good, and we easily found our way over to PPG Place. The kids were having a great time in the water around the Egyptian obelisk.

A few of the reflections were good; mostly the light wasn’t very good. Library - 5646

Sunday was Frick Park day. We went on a tour of Clayton,  ate a wonderful lunch in the cafe (desserts are fabulous), looked at the exhibit of 19th C. Pittsburgh prints and finally looked at the park but were too tired to really walk it.

Today we drove to Fallingwater. I’ve been there four or five times already, but I still enjoy it. Library - 5650

Library - 5656 

Library - 5659

4 thoughts on “Revisiting Pittsburgh sights

  1. The Penn Hotel is probably now known as the Omni Wm. Penn if that’s the same place. People keep saying things like: that’s where the (fill in the blank) used to be. Since I have no real history here I don’t know what used to be.
    I’m glad you enjoyed the trip. I think you’d be amazed at how clean the ‘burgh is today. Still some air pollution but nothing like before.

  2. Thanks for this wonderful trip down memory lane! Hubby and I ate our wedding dinner in an Italian restaurant on Mt. Washington; used to go there a lot to a pub like place where they showed old movies like Charlie Chaplin while you and your buddies downed a pitcher of beer and ate popcorn and peanuts (throwing the shells right on the floor–it was part of the ambiance). I worked on one of the higher floors of the old Penn Hotel. Is that still there?

  3. It was fun to see many of those sights with you in Pittsburgh a year ago, and it’s fun to see them again on your blog.

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