Preparing to go to China

I am now 275 tax deductible dollars committed to going to China. I got my frequent flier ticket a couple of months ago. If necessary, I can make changes in travel dates, which may have to happen. At the same time I reserved a hotel room in Kyoto, again not much of a commitment. I’ve been reading about China and today I decided I have to do it: I made application and sent a deposit to Cross Cultural Solutions, the group I will volunteer with. I feel like I’m doing it while all around me crumbles–the country, my retirement funds, etc.–but that’s probably all the more reason to have a goal and stick with it. I guess I can go back to work when I finish my year of traveling.

I still haven’t found anyone to sublet my apartment. I will post it again on Craig’s list and also on a UPitt housing site Carol found for me. She’s a great researcher. If I don’t manage to sublet it, I’ll just leave it locked up; much easier, but I could use the money.

I haven’t decided what to do about mail. Most of it is instantly recyclable, but there are always a few critical things like the gas and electric bills. I may have to cave in and go on the budget plan so I can pay them automatically.

I bought a walking stick and am practicing stepping down from a step stool. Even just going down one step I still want something solid in my other hand. The walking stick is not as assuring for me as being able to hold on to someone else’s arm. I know, I’m phobic.

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