One of those questions

Why is it we can take to the streets to protest what the Chinese are doing in Tibet, but are able to ignore the transgressions of our own government?

We should be protesting the war in Iraq every hour of every day.
We should be protesting the use of torture.
We should be protesting government censorship of protest marches–see Winter Soldier 2008. Why is it no one in mainstream media reported on it.
We should be protesting irresponsible government spending in Iraq.
This government has done more illegal, corrupt, irresponsible things than I can begin to detail. Why arent’ we talking about it–ALL THE TIME.
One more thing: why aren’t we protesting the scandalous amount of money made by health insurance companies.

Thank you, if you’ve read this far. I just had to get it off my chest.

3 thoughts on “One of those questions

  1. Maybe it’s because we feel so overwhelmed. I don’t know truthfully. I suspect things would change more quickly if (1) the draft were reinstated, or (2) if it was required that we pay for the war as it goes on, therefore requiring all of us by taxes or whatever to dig deep in our pockets. I can just see people marching to the white house. Just my thoughts. I get frustrated also, almost to the point of boycotting the news.

  2. I can’t agree with you more, Ruthe. After spending years pounding the streets of New York during the civil rights marches and the Vietnam War protests, I suddenly realized (circa 1980) that I was engulfed in several new generations of myopic young people who valued fat paychecks, status cars, etc., more than altruistic concerns. But I remind myself that nature’s pendulum is always swinging and it will start to move in the other direction soon. (Perhaps not in my lifetime.)

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