Literary week

New Osher classes began this week. I’m taking one called Reading and Writing the Iron City. We did a fun exercise in class that may inspire me to do more writing. The instructor created a blog for the class, which you can visit here. BTW, the 250 in the blog name refers to this being the 250th anniversary of Pittsburgh’s founding as a city.

On Monday night, Robin and I went to a lecture by Scott Simon, the NPR Saturday morning anchor, who has written a novel about the Chicago city council. He said some of the reviews have called this satire, but he calls it political comedy; he says satire requires exaggeration. I loved the talk. He loves Chicago and so do I; very nostalgic. And, of course, I have to read the book. (After I finish writing my paper for the Japanese art class and read at least two other books: Hiroshima in America by Robert Jay Lifton and Gregg Mitchell, and David Halberstam’s last book, The Coldest Winter.  My paper deals with Hiroshima, but the books are not reference material.)

Last night, Robin and I went to another talk, this time by Dave Eggers, of McSweeney’s, also with a book: What is the What, about Valentino, a Sudanese refugee. Although Eggers talked about the book and his visit to Sudan, most of his time was spent on the project dear to his heart, 826 Valencia, a writing center for children 6-18, now with spin-offs in seven cities around the country.

Have to stop now; it’s time to go to tai chi.

1 thought on “Literary week

  1. Hey, you Pittsburgh Osher people have to work a lot harder than we do in SLC! But I’m going to enjoy snooping around in the Writing the Iron City blog. You’re so busy I can see, but from the sounds of things, you’ve been revitalized. Your travel seems to agree with you. I’m waiting for my turn at it now (with my own nostalgia visit to Florida in September).

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