Pictures from Chicago

This is part of my cell room at International House. Dsc06692_2
The laptop is sitting on a shelf that pulled out from the dresser and I sat on the edge of the bed to use it. On the left is the open door of the armoire. That was about the width of the room. The rest of it was a queen-size bed.
This is a view out my window, looking east, not far from Jackson Park, on the day it snowed. Dsc06691
Somewhere out there is the Museum of Science and Industry and Lake Michigan. On Friday the sun came out. Here you can see the dome of the museum and the lake. The small apartment buildings are fairly typical of Chicago, usually two or three floors. Unlike New York, Chicago never had four or five story walk-ups. More recently, tall apartment buildings are going up all over the city.Dsc06729

The University is located in an older part of the city. There are some new buildings and lots of beautiful, old greystones and brick bungalows.

This one is looking down at the apartment buildings next to iHouse. Dsc06730

Train tracks just beyond the apartment buildings carry both freight and commuter trains. On Thursday, Eli, Romy and I took the train downtown to the Cultural Center and the Art Institute.

Here is Romy eating ice cream in the cold. Dsc06696
There was a time I would eat ice cream regardless of the weather. Those days are gone forever.

After lunch, we went to Millennium Park. Following are pictures from the park: the Frank Geary Bandshell in the dark and snow, which I like better this way than in sunshine; the Kapoor sculpture with snow forming amazing patterns on the polished silvery surface. You can just barely see the usual reflections. For summer pictures of the sculpture look at the Chicago 2007 album on the left.



This is the Museum of Modern Ice, Chicago’s February tourist attraction. The frozen slabs of color will melt somewhat in the sun, if it ever comes out, and should subtly change from day to day. The whole thing is backed with freezing coils; it should easily last all of February.

Here are the Art Institute lions clothed in snow. Dsc06709



Finally, Romy and Eli trying to sell hats, handmade in Chile by Romy’s friend. This is part of a school project for her business course.

3 thoughts on “Pictures from Chicago

  1. I haven’t been to Chicago in 40 years! I’d just left the south, and I remember it being the coldest place I’d ever been to! Even in May it was windy and downright cold. But I loved the art museums. The Kapoor sculpture makes me think of a doughnut dipped in powdered sugar. Do you think I could be hungry? !

  2. I always appreciate your taking us with you when you go places. Yes, the sculpture is more with the snow, and the lions are magic. I never thought of them with snow. I would like to come back and see that freezing color piece melt as the month goes by.
    Thank you.

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