Good Intentions

It’s 19 degrees here, at noon. About 11 o’clock I collected some reading material, put on my hat, coat, and scarf and went to the health club. I didn’t want to walk so I figured I would get my exercise indoors. Today being cold and a holiday, everyone else had the same idea. There were no parking spaces less than a block away. After circling the lot twice, I found one about a block away and decided to bite the bullet and walk in the cold. As I turned off the engine I realized I had left my readings at home. I gave up, drove back, put my car back in the garage and sat down to read. After all, those are readings for tomorrow’s class; what’s more important!

3 thoughts on “Good Intentions

  1. I agree, class is more important. I’m thinking about walking in the rain today. Starting tomorrow, I will be standing in the rain all day. I might as well get used to it while I walk to the store.

  2. yes so do I …although today i walked to work in the cold and realized I forgot my keys.
    Oh well…it was a good walk…embracing too.

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