Family, Art and More Family

My days here in NYC are going very quickly. On Thursday, Renee and I took the train out to Long Island to visit her other son and family. It’s a 60 mile trip and took 2 hours, each way. The Japanese must laugh hysterically every time they hear something like this. We had a lovely, too short visit. Train schedule was not very accommodating for us.

Yesterday I met Phyllis at the Rubin Museum. I really love that place, at the same time it makes me very angry. It’s a beautiful space, so wonderfully designed you feel like you are entering a temple of peace and beauty. Here is a story about the museum and how it was built. If you read it carefully, you will note one line, "…Donald and Shelly built their managed-health-care network, Multiplan…" I am angry about anyone who makes enough money on healthcare to build a huge art collection and then build a museum to use as a tax write-off, thereby screwing us, the public, all over again.

Even with my anger, I managed to enjoy the museum and the art. My all-time favorite piece is a huge applique you can see here. Phyllis, who has been a photographer most of her life, took me there to see photographs of Bhutan by Kenro Izu. Most of the photos were platinum/palladium contact prints made from huge negatives, taken with a custom made camera that weighs 300 pounds. Story about the exhibit here.

After this soulful sojourn at the Rubin I met up with Renee and we went to dinner with her brother and sister-in-law, so more family and lots of laughs. Renee and her family treat me like I belong to them. Having moved to the east coast with no family here except Robin, I have always been very moved by their efforts to include me in all of their events. I am truly grateful to be so accepted and loved by my daughter’s in-laws.

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