Home Again

We came back from New York very late last night. Although I was anxious to plan more travel when I returned from Japan, after last night’s flight I don’t think I want to get on another one of those torture chambers they call airplanes. First, of course, was the wait at the airport. Everything was easy, even getting out of New York and going through security. But after sitting at the gate for about a half hour we heard the first ominous message: we had a plane, but no crew. The crew was flying in from Albany and hadn’t taken off yet. Next message: the plane took off. Then we heard the plane landed; then nothing for about an hour or more. The crew took longer getting from Terminal A to Terminal C than it took them to get from Albany to Newark. I think I was in bed by 1am. My legs were so unhappy from being scrunched in the sardine can airplane I could barely walk up the three steps to my apartment.

1 thought on “Home Again

  1. Oh yes, after the last long flight to London and Paris then surgery for a blocked artery, I now pray for more leg room. The train worked well as does car travel. I need to find a way to get to Europe that lets me have legs when I get there.
    And too, yes mam, I will be looking at pictures later in the day. I’m off to cook dinner first. 🙂

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