Sunday, Ninth Day

Nice cool, overcast day; didn’t start raining until I got back to the apartment. I met Peg on the steps of the Public Library, after taking someone’s picture in front of one of the lions. Tourists really love those lions. We walked over to Lexington Avenue to a street fair. I used to go to these street fairs often when I lived here, but after a while, they all seemed to have the same vendors. That’s still true. This one seemed to have even less variety. There were several places offering back massages, many vendors of "pashmina" scarves for $5, jewelry for $2, food, rugs, lots of handbags. The only new interesting things, jackets, coats and scarves of cashmere, hand embroidered in Kashmir, India. These were beautiful, for very high prices, cashmere or not. The only certain thing was the sweatshop labor that undoubtedly went into them.

The commercial Mozzarepa vendors were missing. I guess its time has come and gone. We finally found one stand that was selling what was probably a more authentic, but not as delicious version. We bought one, and split it. I guess my street fair days are finished. The Mozzarepa was always my big motivator.

The fair ended at 57th Street, and we walked over toward Central Park and people-watched from a bench across from the Plaza. Mostly we talked. I guess that’s what I’ve been doing since I got here–just catching up with old friends.

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