Fourth Day in New York

I met Jane and Mary at the Met this morning. That’s the best of all possible worlds; friends to share my greatest interests. We spent time looking at paintings collected by the Clark brothers. Great art and a prime example of the foolishness of sibling rivalry.

We also spent lots of time talking, catching up on everything going on in our lives. I haven’t seen Jane for a long time; Mary visited me in Pittsburgh in spring. Mary and Jane are both fiber artists. Jane brought a fabric book she recently completed and I brought my two finished books to show her.

After lunch we went to the Japanese galleries. They have different prints on display than the last time I was there in April. I have to go back, alone, and really study them. I like looking at art with friends; it’s fun to compare ideas. But when I get serious about something, I want to be alone.

Mary and I went on to the Cooper-Hewitt. Jane had to leave us. We spent another hour or so, looking around then sitting in the garden and talking. I tried to pace myself today and did not get nearly so tired.

1 thought on “Fourth Day in New York

  1. Wow…sounds like you are having a blast. Oh, to be in New York and wondering around looking at things. Your writing is changing…much more vivid…wonderful posts!

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