Last night we ate at Sala Thai on Second Avenue. The highlight of the meal was shrimp in tamarind sauce with a special rice like a pilaf. Very satisfactory. Tonight we decided to go to a movie on the West Side. We took the bus to Columbus Avenue, then started walking south. At 83rd St. we found a bakery-cafe, called Columbus. It was modern cafeteria style; food was displayed in glass cases, you ordered, paid and took it to a table. We each had a selection of three salads and split a kind of cheese baguette. I had a roasted Brussels sprout salad, a multigrain salad and tuna with celery, raisins and apples. Renee had the Brussels sprout salad, lentil salad and sesame chicken. I could eat there every night.

After dinner we saw The Willow Tree, an Iranian movie about a blind man who recovers his sight (and loses his world). Good film, lovely views of Teheran, could have been better cinematography. Now we’re reading the Sunday Times.

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