Today was my last Chinese Conversation class. I’m really sorry it’s over. My teacher is beautiful and charming; she made the onerous task of learning a totally strange language into a great game. She was wonderful. I only learned a few words, but I understand the pronunciation much better–my goal. I find fascinating the differences in syntax and word derivation. Perhaps this will also help me tutor Shirley Sun, whom I am hoping to see again in New York next month.

My other Osher class, about Pittsburgh’s early history, was also excellent. The instructor has a real gift for explaining the events of 200 and 300 years ago in modern terms and making them immediately intelligible.

I still have two more sessions of the Asian Art class I’m auditing, then a month of vacation. I’ll be going to New York in a couple of weeks. I guess that will be a vacation within my perpetual vacation.

PS: I finally got that prescription.

3 thoughts on “Update

  1. I just read Richard Rhodes’ biography of John James Audubon, which is excellent. It’s a good portrait of America’s early years as well as of Audubon’s fascinating life. Having recently been to Pittsburgh, I especially enjoyed the parts of the book that talked about the city’s early history.

  2. I found an old notebook today that had some notes in it from Singapore and my lax attempt at learning conversational Chinese. Very hard…but intriguing just the same. Glad you got that prescription…what a nightmare.

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