Great week

Raja and friend went home this morning, leaving the apartment very quiet. We had a wonderful couple of days, the only sad thing being they should have stayed longer. They didn’t arrive until late Tuesday. On Wednesday we drove around a gray Pittsburgh to admire some of the wonderful homes in Shadyside and Squirrel Hill. Also drove through Chatham, now University, another beautiful area. From there we viewed the Pitt-CMU campuses and had lunch at Orchids, my favorite Indian, vegetarian place on Centre Ave.

Moving over to the North side we looked at things around the Mattress Factory, Library_1087

Raja wants to paint murals like this on her back porch.

then, barely beating the rain, ran into the Warhol where we spent several hours. Library_1094

Raja and friend at the Warhol.

Thursday was Frick day. We began with a long walk in Frick Park, again one of my favorite places. Arriving back at the Art and Historical Center we decided we were very hungry. The nice people at the Cafe let us sit down early; we didn’t have to wait for our 1 pm reservation. After a great lunch we toured Clayton, the Frick family mansion. Library_1102
Another idea for Raja’s back porch.

We finished our day at the movies: La Vie en Rose, and custard at Rita’s.

4 thoughts on “Great week

  1. Just getting my feet on the ground after the wonderful visit. Who said Pittsburgh is the Pitts?!?! With you as the tour guide it’s at the top of the list of fun destinations with easily accessible, diverse, affordable attractions. Thanks for everything.

  2. Wow! What a grand tour! I wish I would have seen as much during my short stay in Pittsburgh. I will get up there again though! Glad you had such a nice time. And great post on the healthcare issue.

  3. Sounds like a lovely time! Say, isn’t Chatham the college just off Fifth Avenue in Shadyside? If so, I used to live in the Montrose apartment building right on Fifth where we used to turn to drive in the Chatham area. It was lovely I remember.

  4. Sounds like a great time–I can verify it too. thanks for being the hostess with the mostest–even Mrs. Frick could not have entertined so graciously and provided so many fun experiences.

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