Travel Below

Not to Australia but up to Tarentum and down into a coal mine. As the tour began Linda and I had similar reactions: did we really want to do this? Last_roll_11
But it turned out to be fascinating. The hard part was going down to the mine. Getting into the little train cars was not a great thing for us ladies of a certain age; getting out was worse. You don’t really feel like you’re going down, the grade isn’t very steep, but it was a long bumpy ride, and they say we went a half mile below ground. An old miner, older than us, explained the coal mining process and showed us how it changed over the years. What a terrible, dangerous job it was a hundred years ago. It’s hard to imagine that conditions in Eastern Europe were worse than working in a mine; that miner’s work was attractive to them. Last_roll_04
There is also a museum with a broad collection of ephemera from the early 1900s. I found an etching of Pittsburgh in 1905 and saw, for the first time, a drawing of Grant’s Hill.Last_roll_01It’s in there behind the downtown buildings.

A Hollywood stage set entry to the mine. It was all so old it had a kind of authenticity, even though it was only a facade.Last_roll_06
This log cabin belonged to the mine owner’s father (?) and was moved to the site.

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