Keeping busy

This is the break week between terms for my Osher classes, but the Ancient China class I am auditing is still meeting through next week. This class begins at 8:30; it’s a great class or I wouldn’t keep going. Last night I forgot to set my alarm. I woke up in time but kept waiting for the radio to turn on. I finally turned over and found it was already 7:24. I got to class on time but it was more rushing than I like.

Yesterday an Osher group went out to a farm to learn about sustainable agriculture. It was particularly interesting for me since I know nothing about farming. I was most impressed by the kind of ingenuity required to make this a viable enterprise.Dsc02757
Planting beneath sheets of plastic.

My Tai Chi and Conversational Chinese classes will resume next week and continue for another 5 weeks, and I will begin auditing an introductory class in Asian Art.

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